Are you starting up? You need a Logo!


Hello everyone, what a splendid Creative Day!

Here’s my feel for you on –

How does a logo affect a startup and whether a professional logo is really needed or not?

Startups are quite ‘special’  in your life as an entrepreneur. A start up…whew… it means everything for a serious entrepreneur.

More than your business, they carry your hope of the future.

A Business start-up means an investment of not only money but lots of hard work, dreams, time, and thoughts, as well. And it’s not rare to find people working on startups day and night, even forgetting themselves.

A fresh small business start-up means a lot! It does!

And the question is “Does it require a Logo Branding?”   Yes? Then, should it be a real professional one or just-like-that kinda would do?

Well, the answer is an emphatic YES. A small business does need a Logo Branding and YES it must be a professional one. In fact, the more professional the logo, the better the business!

Let me justify-

It’s all about falling in Love 🙂

Small business, a website or a startup needs lots of promotion and publicity than the functioning one. To publicize is to penetrate into people. Real people, real world.

No matter what your business, it needs a real IMPRESSION, in fact, a real BIG impression.

It’s not the announcement about the business to people that matters, but what matters is your  ‘Stealing’ of  ‘Hearts’, regardless of what your clients need & what you sell!

A Logo has the potential in doing this. People ought to fall in love with the name of the business  at even the first fleeting glimpse of its Logo or Branding design.

That is what transforms them into your customers, clients or buyers, you name it!

Once again – No Matter What You Sell, Falling In Love Does It All!

If people feel what you sell is not what they want, no problem at all.  They must have fallen in love with your Logo, Business name and so as YOU by NOW.

They sure will make themselves up to you to buy what you sell.

That’s the power of a Logo or a Brand design. So by now, its is understood,

a bad logo or a bad brand design can kill a business.

Love is equally powerful as Hate. The best an Inert Logo design can do is leave people to pass by it with no heads turning. It’s just like a Dog Finding a Rainbow (Dogs are color blind, they don’t even know that rainbow exists!).

Besides, me being a good artist and designer or not, this is what I have from my experience and visualization! Let everyone hear what do YOU THINK?

Or check out my works, know how we work, and order one!

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