My name is Aptachaitanya.

You can call me Apta or Merog. I have been designing visual identities for businesses across the world since 2006.

I believe that the identity of a business connects the business to its audience.
Stronger the identity, better the sales.
About 12+ years of experience as a freelance identity designer with happy clients from various places across the world. It is amazing to see how visual elements speak to people and how they represent the brand and the business. Logo and other visual identity elements are the face and personality of a business. They speak to the people on behalf of the business and win them by the first look. A good logo and identity bring people to you, no matter what they need or what you sell. The identity is unique, timeless, and has a blend of elements that captures the attention of your customers. Generic and trendy logos and identities are temporary and they do not work, no matter how good your product or service is.
My name is Apta. I am an artist and a visual brand identity designer. I create visual elements by imagination, research, and understanding the psychology of your customers. My designs work in real world with real people.
Are you looking for a logo and identity that works? The one that brings people to you? You are in the right place.
Let’s start. Send me a message.